What is 4Life Transfer Factor. RioVida Tri-Factor Formula? RioVida is a delicious, nutritional juice-revolution. It is the one- and-only beverage. What is 4Life Transfer Factor. RioVida Burst Tri-Factor. Formula? RioVida Burst provides the energizing, and delicious, immune system support of 4Life Transfer. 4Life Transfer Factor®. RioVida Stix® Tri-Factor®. Formula. • Supports the immune system with milligrams of certified 4Life Transfer Factor® per serving *.

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packet daily. Riovida Stix™. Food supplement with sweeteners, mineral salts and 4Life Transfer. Factor Tri-Factor. With this practical packet, you can prepare a. 14 4Life Transfer Factor™ Riovida Burst Tri-Factor. 15 4Life Transfer Factor™ Chewable Tri-Factor. 16 4Life Transfer Factor™ Classic. 17 4LIFETRANSFORM ™. 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix™ Tri-Factor® Formula NEW! 11 enummi® advanced Renewing Serum NEW! 23 enummi® advanced Hydrating Cream NEW.

Sherwood Lawrence when he demonstrated that CMI could be transferred from one individual to another by way of low molecular weight extracts of white blood cells. Transfer factors could transfer DTH of a specific form from a skin test positive individual to a skin test negative individual who subsequent to the transfer would skin test positive for that antigen.

Transfer factors promote wellness via cell-mediated immunity. These compounds are components of colostrum, an infant's first meal. They bridge the generational gap by passing cell-mediated immunity from mother to infant.


These antigen-specific factors are synthesized in monocytes and stored in the cytoplasm or on the cell membrane. A significant body of evidence indicates that the primary biological function of transfer factors is to recruit and specifically sensitize previously uncommitted lymphocytes. These sensitized T-lymphocytes initiate the events of cell-mediated immunity, thereby promoting immunity not only at the site of antigen challenge but also throughout the body.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that transfer factors' unique ability to express DTH and promote cell-mediated immunity can be transferred from a sensitized donor to a non-immune recipient.

However, the antigen specificity that is "transferred" to recipients is mediated by T-lymphocytes. Transfer factors also have highly conserved regions that allow them to be administered across a species barrier without any loss of potency.

In fact, research has demonstrated that bovine transfer factors are structurally analogous to human-derived transfer factors with equivalent physiological activity. Results of these experiments refute any arguments that the acidic or enzymatic environment of gastrointestinal tract affects oral administration of transfer factors.

Sixty thousand cells were added to each well of well microtiter plate. At end of the incubation period, 30, K cells were added to each well.

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Whether you are seeking to download these products at the most affordable cost, or in need of information about these and other available products, transferfactorhealth. We know we can help you to make the best decision for your health and are here to assist you in gaining a full understanding of how these unique and exceptional products can change your life.

It's one of the most popular 4Life products. Most people love the taste of it, and great for your health. Also it makes pills "hater" to love this immune boosting products from transfer factor plus or transfer factor tri-factor to RioVida Juice. According to 4Life company, it's one of the only beverage supplement product in the world that contains antioxidant benefits with the benefits of tri-factor formula. When distributed throughout the gel, the immune modulator may retain substantially all of one or more of its activities e.

Various embodiments of nutriceutical food products of the present invention include a fruit component.

Examples of extracts include, without limitation, juices dilute, normal concentration, or concentrate , dehydrated fruit, and powders including one or more components of the fruit. In some embodiments of such a nutriceutical food product, at least some of the fruit component is present in liquid form.

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In some embodiments, at least some of the fruit component may be included in the nutriceutical food product in solid form, where it may he incorporated into the gel matrix or merely reside within voids of the gel matrix, where it may be distributed throughout the gel matrix e.

The process includes mixing a fruit component with the immune modulator.

Preservatives may also be included in the mixture. The mixture may be chilled to prevent microbial growth. To further prevent microbial growth, the mixture may be pasteurized before chilling.

Alternatively, the mixture may be sterilized. Other features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art through consideration of the ensuing description and the appended claims. The solid polymeric matrix may comprise a galactomannan, a polysaccharide e. In some embodiments, a plurality of gelling agents are used to provide desired properties, such as viscosity, consistency, and edibility.

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Various embodiments of nutriceutical food products that incorporate teachings of the present invention include a fruit component.

The fruit component includes at least one fruit that naturally includes OPC or a juice or other extract of such a fruit. OPC is a known antioxidant and may, therefore, be useful in neutralizing or otherwise acting against free radicals and other oxidants, which may adversely affect cell membranes, cause accelerated cellular aging, and are known or believed to be at least indirectly responsible for a wide variety of disease states, as well as compromised immunity, in living beings.

In embodiments of nutriceutical food products that include fruit components, the fruit component may be in solid form, in liquid form, or in some combination of solid and liquid forms.

When the fruit component is included in solid form, it may be incorporated into the matrix e.Preservatives may also be included in the mixture. For example, avian transfer factor, bovine transfer factor, or any other type of transfer factor may be included in the transfer factor component.

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The transfer factor may include any type of transfer factor, as well as a combination of two or more types of transfer factor. This should explain to most people that nutrition is the most important aspect to understanding and dealing with this situation. The solid polymeric matrix may comprise a galactomannan, a polysaccharide e.

History[ edit ] In , Merrill Chase discovered that cells taken from the peritoneum of Guinea pigs that had been immunized against an antigen could transfer immunity when injected into Guinea pigs that had never been exposed to the antigen; this phenomenon was the discovery of cell-mediated immunity.

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