Common KnowledgeSeriesThe Lost Fleet Jack Campbell, 8. Guardian by Jack Campbell, 9. Steadfast by Jack Campbell, Leviathan by Jack Campbell, Jack Campbell - [Lost Fleet - Lost Stars 04] - Shattered Spear (retail) (epub) The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Leviathan THE LOST STARS The Lost Stars: . Admiral John “Black Jack” Geary embarks on a brand-new mission—to defend the Alliance from itself—in New York Times bestselling.

Lost Fleet Leviathan Epub

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Admiral Gearys First Fleet of the Alliance has survived the journey deep into unexplored interstellar space, a voyage that led to the discovery of new alien. of other assignments. He is the author of the Lost Fleet and the Lost Stars s Leviathan. The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier (Series). Book 5. Jack Campbell. The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier has 5 entries in the series. Beyond the Frontier (Series). Book 4. Jack Campbell Author (). cover image of Leviathan .

Only a single planet about nine light minutes from the star was marginally habitable, but too cold for human comfort, and its atmosphere contained too little oxygen while containing too many toxic compounds that would ravage human lungs.

The Syndicate had nonetheless planted a colony there, the buildings and streets and factories mostly buried under the surface to allow easier heating. Iwa had once been a fallback position if Midway had fallen to the alien enigmas, with extensive fortifications and bases begun, then abandoned in various stages of completion as the Syndicate first diverted resources for the far-off war with the Alliance, and was later forced to refocus internally on its crumbling empire.

Kontos considered his reply for a few more moments. According to the rules by which the Syndicate worked, those in a position of strength were expected to lord it over individuals with weaker power bases, and those who were weaker were expected to bluff against their peers but to offer submission to the powerful.

Every action was judged in terms of how it displayed strength or weakness, respect or insubordination. The transmission from the Syndicate CEO had been sent just over three hours ago from the main inhabited world at Iwa.

Kontos's reply would take another three hours to make its way back, because light only traveled at about eighteen million kilometers per minute, and there was still three light hours' distance between Pele and the planet where the Syndicate CEO resided. But by the rigid rules of Syndicate protocol, that CEO would be timing the reply to see how long Kontos took to transmit his answer. A subordinate was expected to reply within seconds.

An equal could take a few minutes.

A reply that was received in anything longer than six hours and a few minutes would be considered either a deliberate show of strength or a deliberate insult. So Kapitan Kontos waited, purposely taking his time, while the specialists on the bridge of Pele pretended not to watch the clock and hid smiles at the way their Kapitan was disrespecting the Syndicate CEO.

Kontos himself had little use for Syndicate CEOs. But the specialists, once all known as "workers" under the Syndicate system, tended to hate the CEOs who had been the highest level of official enforcing their subjugation to the Syndicate.

Though "hate" was probably far too mild a word for the workers' feelings. About ten minutes having elapsed since the receipt of the message, Kontos composed himself, trying to look every bit an officer of his rank and one who cared little for the expectations of a Syndicate CEO, then activated his reply.

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My ship is escorting troop transport HTTU , which is carrying ground forces and mobile forces personnel of the Syndicate Worlds who were captured by the forces of Midway at Ulindi Star System. In keeping with our agreement when they surrendered, our prisoners will be released to your custody.

Do not bother claiming that you cannot take these people. We know that with the now-empty barracks that once held construction workers, the existing living facilities at Iwa are more than adequate to handle the additional Syndicate soldiers and crew members who are in the troop transport. Those personnel will require further transport to other locations in Syndicate space," he added, knowing how it would enrage the Syndicate CEO to be given a job to do by someone like Kontos. We have no hostile intent toward Iwa and will not launch any attacks while here.

Unless we are first attacked, in which case we will reply with all the force of which this battle cruiser is capable. For the people, Kontos, out," he concluded, saying the last phrase with slow emphasis.

CEO Vasquez would not be happy with that reply, but unless she was a complete idiot she would limit her objections to bluster and legalisms.

But those installations are now vacant.

From what our sensors are showing, it looks like the Syndicate has been recently again cannibalizing Iwa for weapons, sensors, and anything else that is easily removed.

Communications we are intercepting within the star system indicate that only a single company of Syndicate ground forces remain? But, then, Iwa had little worth defending. Try to spot any indications that the Syndicate has shifted resources from here to Moorea.

And try to pick up any comm chatter about the situation at Moorea and Palau. Anything about Syndicate activity, or other threats. President Iceni wants to know anything we can discover about the warlord or pirate who rumors say is operating in the region near Moorea Star System. Forty-five thousand kilometers per second sounded fast on a planet, and was in fact impossibly fast in such a limited environment.

But in space, where planets orbited millions and billions of kilometers apart, even such velocities took a while to cover distances too huge for human instincts to fully grasp. At point one five light speed, the three light hours that separated them from the inhabited world would take twenty hours to cover, but since the planet was itself moving through its orbit at about thirty-five kilometers per second, Pele and the troop transport had to aim to intercept the planet as it moved, their paths forming a huge arc through space.

She could argue to her Syndicate superiors at Prime Star System that the safety stand-down had left her unable to fight. The senior CEOs at Prime probably wouldn't be impressed by that claim, but Vasquez was making the best of a situation with no good alternatives for her. Pele and the transport were still a light hour away from the inhabited planet when an alert sounded. The tension level on the bridge immediately jumped as the warning of a warship was accompanied by a bright new warning marker on Pele's combat displays.

Kontos stared at his display, baffled, as the warning symbol appeared where no symbol should appear on the outskirts of this star system. The location was nearly five light hours distant, on the other side of Iwa Star System, so the unknown warship had appeared there five hours ago.

And then vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The answer to Kontos's question popped up on his display before he had finished asking the question. The only jump point in a human-occupied star system that they can access in this region of space is at Midway.

Iwa is too far from any enigma-controlled star system to be reached by them using jump drives. He must have been hiding from our sensors," Kontos concluded. No enigma-originated worms that could have hidden the presence of a ship have been found. That could only mean it jumped into this star system, then jumped out again almost immediately. Either the detection was a false one, something produced by a glitch in the sensor systems, or there is a jump point at that location that our own systems cannot identify.

A jump point we cannot detect?


Not long ago, when still a worker under the Syndicate system, he would have done his best to avoid providing any useful answer, instead saying whatever he thought his superior wanted to hear. Workers learned the hard way that Syndicate superiors did not want to hear bad news or unexplained events.

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But under Kommodor Marphissa, and now Kapitan Kontos, they had been encouraged to think and to give their best information. The specialist spoke slowly, choosing each word with care. But it is also possible that the warship was not really there, that the detection is a ghost generated by a flaw in the sensor systems which was quickly cleared. Full diagnostics on everything. I don't see how this could be anything but the result of a glitch, but let's check it carefully.

Was it over the link with Pele? My ship's sensors reported a detection independent of that from Pele. They identified what they called an enigma warship in the same location that Pele reported seeing one, then reported that the warship had vanished as if it had entered jump space. And we cannot see a jump point in that location.

Can they do that? Black Jack's people didn't tell us the enigmas could jump to places where we cannot see jump points, but they admitted they were able to learn little about the enigmas. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. During these raids, the fleet gradually uncovers evidence of a third party in this war.

Geary believes they are an unknown alien civilization who may have tricked the Syndics into starting the war with the Alliance. These aliens may even have been responsible for humans "discovering" the hypernet and may have sinister reasons for giving humans this technology after Geary discovers that a hypernet gate can be used to destroy an entire star system.

Jack Campbell

The hypothetical aliens also have a means of remote destruction of hypernet gates, which will allow them, given time, to extend the war between the humans indefinitely. The alien civilization, whatever their designs for humanity are, do not appear to want the Alliance fleet to reach their home space. When Geary leads the fleet to attack the Lakota star system, the aliens manipulate the Syndic hypernet to divert a Syndic fleet to the system.

First, he is concerned by the declining state of the Alliance civilian government, which is losing control of its member worlds and the support of the military forces after a century of futile warfare. Also, even though Geary is unswervingly loyal to the Alliance, he fears that the government may choose to imprison him as a threat to its own power.

In addition, the Alliance Navy itself has allowed its standards to slip, frequently destroying entire planets and their civilian populations in retaliation for Syndic atrocities, murdering prisoners of war, and has ceased saluting and other traditions reaffirming the command structure.

Geary therefore fears that the Alliance may not deserve any victory it might achieve. Combined with these is his speculation that, if the increasingly non-hypothetical aliens are perpetuating the war within human-controlled space, what might their actions be if he can somehow end it?

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Leviathan

Beyond the Frontier[ edit ] You can help by adding to it. The series follows Geary as he leads the fleet through previously unexplored star systems, and to explore the threat of the previously encountered non-human "Enigma" race. There, they find a third non-human species, apparently waiting to engage the Bear-Cows.

Turning to engage the Bear-Cows with the new aliens alongside them, Geary defeats the force through luck and the Bear-Cows' inability to divert from a charge, after which Admiral Geary jumps farther into unknown space. There, Admiral Geary and his fleet officially meet the first friendly aliens that humanity has met so far, the Spider-Wolves.

With the help of the Spider-Wolves, Admiral Geary and his fleet disable one of the bear-cows' massive super-battleships, and capture it, to return to their home in Alliance space, Varendal. Realizing that the Enigma race will note their absence from Midway, Geary intercepts another Enigma race attack at Midway, which the Syndicate Worlds are observing.

With assistance from the Spider-Wolves known afterwards as the Dancers , they defeat the Enigma fleet and engage in an uneasy standoff against the Syndicate Worlds force, who demand the surrender of the Bear-Cow super-battleship and the Dancers.

They defeat the Syndicate Worlds forces, but realize that the Syndicate Worlds have managed to shut down their hypernet system, denying the Alliance fleet a quick trip home. With their massive fleet, they drive straight for home, winning numerous small engagements and other asymmetrical warfare attacks, thinly disguised by the Syndicate Worlds to be the work of pirates and other non-official parties.

Returning to Varandal, Geary learns that the forces of the Callas Republic and the Rift Federation are on the verge of revolt due to their ridiculously long deployment time, and immediately orders them to return home under radio silence, prohibiting them from receiving contradictory orders.

Jack Campbell // John G. Hemry

The situation defused, Geary escorts the Dancers to Earth, encountering a splinter fleet of humanity, which arrogantly declares the Earth under their control.Opublikowany A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher. Invincible The Lost Fleet: Copyright c by John G. Wendy Spinale - [Everland He is the New… More about Jack Campbell.

The Mechanics reserve to themselves the technology for steam locomotives, rifles, and far-talkers while the Mages treated all others as if they were nothing Allan s review 3.

Full diagnostics on everything. An equal could take a few minutes.

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