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Read "The Best Laid Plans" by Sidney Sheldon available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Sidney Sheldon returns with a. Sidney Sheldon returns with a tale of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. One the governor of a small southern state, Oliver Russell is. The best laid plans [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)]: a novel / Terry Fallis. Saved in: Processing (CPL) - eBooks (EPUB) - Adult Fiction.

The trip started innocently, gently, until the river began to pound its way around the base of the mountains in a giant loop that began a series of deafening, breathtaking vertical drops in the rapids: The trip took three and a half hours, and when Leslie and Oliver got off the raft, they were soaking wet and glad to be alive.

They could not keep their hands off each other. They made love in their cabin, in the back of his automobile, in the woods. One early fall evening, Oliver prepared dinner at his home, a charming house in Versailles, a small town near Lexington. There were grilled flank steaks marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and herbs, served with baked potato, salad, and a perfect red wine.

She snuggled up to him. I'm in it. This is liquid Ecstasy. It's supposed to be a great aphrodisiac. We don't need it. It could be dangerous.

Take that look off your face. A friend of mine gave me this and told me to try it. This would have been the first time. Of course I will. Oliver reappeared. I have it in a better package. Leslie had read the love stories and had heard the love songs, but nothing had prepared her for the incredible reality.

She had always thought that romantic lyrics were sentimental nonsense, wishful dreaming. She knew better now. The world suddenly seemed brighter, more beautiful.

Everything was touched with magic, and the magic was Oliver Russell. One Saturday morning, Oliver and Leslie were hiking in the Breaks Interstate Park, enjoying the spectacular scenery that surrounded them. As they rounded it, Leslie stopped, stunned. In the middle of the path was a hand-painted wooden sign: Leslie's heart began to beat faster. She turned to Oliver, speechless. He took her in his arms. Leslie wondered. She hugged him tightly and whispered, "Yes, darling.

I have to go to a meeting tonight, and I'll have to cancel our dinner. Will you forgive me? The headline read: The story went on: An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death To die so young. Did she have a lover? A husband? How thankful I am to be alive and so happy and so loved. It seemed that all of Lexington was talking about the forthcoming wedding. Lexington was a small town, and Oliver Russell was a popular figure.

They were a spectacular-looking couple, Oliver dark and handsome, and Leslie with her lovely face and figure and honey-blond hair. The news had spread like wildfire. Leslie smiled. Oliver wants to have a formal wedding. We're getting married at the Calvary Chapel church.

Leslie recalled the evening with Oliver. And she thought, How lucky it was that he threw that bottle away. The next few weeks were filled with frantic preparations for the wedding. There was so much to do. Invitations went out to two hundred people. Leslie chose a maid of honor and selected her outfit, a ballerina-length dress with matching shoes and gloves to complement the length of the sleeves.

For herself, Leslie shopped at Fayette Mall on Nicholasville Road and selected a floor-length gown with a full skirt and a sweep train, shoes to match the gown, and long gloves. Oliver ordered a black cutaway coat with striped trousers, gray waistcoat, a wing-collared white shirt, and a striped ascot.

His best man was a lawyer in his firm. Almost everyone has accepted. A client of mine is in trouble. I'm going to have to fly to Paris to straighten things out. How long will you be gone? I'll be back in plenty of time.

Idly, she turned to the horoscope by Zoltaire. Leslie read the horoscope again, disturbed. She was almost tempted to telephone Oliver and tell him not to leave. But that's ridiculous, she thought. It's just a stupid horoscope. By Monday, Leslie had not heard from Oliver. She telephoned his office, but the staff had no information. There was no word from him Tuesday. Leslie was beginning to panic.

At four o'clock on Wednesday morning, she was awakened by the insistent ringing of the telephone. She sat up in bed and thought: It's Oliver!

Thank God. She knew that she should be angry with him for not calling her sooner, but that was unimportant now. She picked up the receiver. We have a story going out on our wires, Miss Stewart, and we wanted to get your reaction. Oliver was dead. Russell were engaged, weren't you? If we could get a quote It was a nightmare. She would awaken in a few minutes and find that she had been dreaming. But this was no dream.

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She had been abandoned again. What have I done wrong? How have I failed him? But deep down she knew that it was Oliver who had failed her. He was gone. How could she face the future? When Leslie walked into the agency that morning, everyone was trying hard not to stare at her. She went into Jim Bailey's office.

He took one look at her pale face and said, "You shouldn't have come in today, Leslie. Why don't you go home and " She took a deep breath. I'll be fine. Senator Todd Davis was without doubt Kentucky's most influential citizen, and the story of his daughter's marriage and of the groom's jilting Leslie was big news. The phones in Leslie's office never stopped ringing.

Could you give us a statement about the wedding? The only thing I care about is Oliver Russell's happiness. Senator Davis's daughter was in his life first. Obviously, he never got over her. I wish them both well. It seemed to Leslie that half of Lexington pitied her, and the other half rejoiced at what had happened to her. Wherever Leslie went, there were whispers and hastily broken-off conversations.

She was fiercely determined not to show her feelings. Oliver Russell is the finest human being I've ever known. I wish them both every happiness. Leslie had been half hoping for and half dreading the call from Oliver. Still, when it came, she was unprepared. She was shaken by the familiar sound of his voice. I don't know what to say. Before I met you, Jan and I were almost engaged.

And when I saw her again I I knew that I still loved her. What does he want with me? She picked up the telephone. A deep southern voice said, "Miss Stewart?

I think you and I should have a little talk. Exactly one hour later, a limousine pulled up in front of the office building where Leslie worked. A chauffeur opened the car door for Leslie. Senator Davis was in the backseat. He was a distinguished-looking man with flowing white hair and a small, neat mustache.

He had the face of a patriarch. Even in the fall he was dressed in his trademark white suit and white broad-brimmed leghorn hat. He was a classic figure from an earlier century, an old-fashioned southern gentleman. As Leslie got into the car, Senator Davis said, "You're a beautiful young woman.

The limousine started off. I've been hearing about the manner in which you've been handling this whole sordid matter. It must be very distressing for you.

I couldn't believe the news when I heard it. To tell you the truth, I'm disgusted with Oliver for treating you so shabbily.

And I'm furious with Jan for marrying him. In a way, I feel guilty, because she's my daughter. They deserve each other. They rode in silence for a while. When Leslie finally spoke, she said, "I know Oliver.

I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt me. What happened I want only the best for him. He deserves that, and I wouldn't do anything to stand in his way. Leslie looked out the window. There were more than a hundred horse farms in and around Lexington, and the largest of them was owned by Senator Davis.

As far as the eye could see were white plank fences, white paddocks with red trim, and rolling Kentucky bluegrass. Leslie and Senator Davis stepped out of the car and walked over to the fence surrounding the racetrack. They stood there a few moments, watching the beautiful animals working out.

Senator Davis turned to Leslie. I was born here, and I could spend the rest of my life here. There's no place in the world like it. Just look around you, Miss Stewart. This is as close as we may ever come to heaven. Can you blame me for not wanting to leave all this? Mark Twain said that when the world came to an end, he wanted to be in Kentucky, because it's always a good twenty years behind.

I have to spend half my life in Washington, and I loathe it.

Best Laid Plans

Our people voted me into the Senate, and until they vote me out, I'll be there trying to do the best job I can. If you had been nasty about this, I suppose it could have created quite a scandal. As it is, well I'd like to show my appreciation. Naturally, I'd pick up all the " "Please don't do this. I haven't met your daughter, Senator Davis, but if Oliver loves her, she must be very special.

I hope they'll be happy. In Paris, it was a civil ceremony, but Jan wants a church wedding here. All right. They have nothing to worry about. The church was packed. Jan Davis was an attractive brunette, with an imposing figure and an aristocratic air.

The minister was nearing the end of the ceremony. She stood at the back for a moment, listening, then moved to the last pew, where she remained standing. The minister was saying, " Whispers began to sweep through the crowd. People sensed that they were about to witness a dramatic scene, and the church filled with sudden tension.

The minister waited a moment, then nervously cleared his throat. The final note in Leslie Stewart's diary read: It was a beautiful wedding. Oliver's bride is very pretty.

She wore a lovely white lace-and-satin wedding gown with a halter top and a bolero jacket. Oliver looked more handsome than ever. He seemed very happy. I'm pleased. Because before I'm finished with him, I'm going to make him wish he had never been born. Todd Davis was a widower. A multi billionaire the senator owned tobacco plantations, coal mines, oil fields in Oklahoma and Alaska, and a world-class racing stable.

As Senate majority leader, he was one of the most powerful men in Washington, and was serving his fifth term.

He was a man with a simple philosophy: Never forget a favor, never forgive a slight. He prided himself on picking winners, both at the track and in politics, and early on he had spotted Oliver Russell as a comer. The fact that Oliver might marry his daughter was an unexpected plus, until, of course, Jan foolishly called it off. When the senator heard the news of the impending wedding between Oliver Russell and Leslie Stewart, he found it disturbing.

Very disturbing. Senator Davis had first met Oliver Russell when Oliver handled a legal matter for him. Senator Davis was impressed. Oliver was intelligent, handsome, and articulate, with a boyish charm that drew people to him.

The senator arranged to have lunch with Oliver on a regular basis, and Oliver had no idea how carefully he was being assessed. His father was a history teacher and his mother was a housewife, and they were devout churchgoers. When Peter Tager was eleven, he had been traveling in a car with his parents and younger brother when the brakes of the car failed.

There had been a deadly accident. The only one who survived was Peter, who lost an eye. Peter believed that Goo had spared him so that he could spread His word. Peter Tager understood the dynamics of politics better than anyone Senator Davis had ever met. Tager knew where the votes were and how to get them. He had an uncanny sense of what the public wanted to hear and what it had gotten tired of hearing. But even more important to Senator Davis was the fact that Peter Tager was a man he could trust, a man of integrity.

People liked him. The black eye patch he wore gave him a dashing look. What mattered to Tager more than anything in the world was his family. The senator had never met a man so deeply proud of his wife and children.

When Senator Davis first met him, Peter Tager had been contemplating going into the ministry. I want to do what I can. Tager knew how to get things done.

He's a natural. I have a hunch if we get behind him, he can't miss. Senator Davis spoke to Jan about Oliver Russell. He's the biggest wolf in town.

I've invited Oliver to dinner here Friday. Oliver was charming, and in spite of herself, Jan found herself warming to him. The senator sat at his place watching them, asking questions that brought out the best in Oliver.

At the end of the evening, Jan invited Oliver to a dinner party the following Saturday. There's an election coming up next year. That gives us more than enough time to build you up, let people know who you are. With us behind you, you can't lose. Senator Davis was a powerful man, in control of a well-oiled political machine, a machine that could create myths or destroy anyone who got in its way.

As far as I'm concerned, this is only the first step. You serve a term or two as governor, and I promise you we'll move you into the White House. I don't have to tell you that this is the age of television. You have something that money can't download charisma. People are drawn to you. You genuinely like people, and it shows.

It's the same quality Jack Kennedy had. I have to return to Washington tomorrow, but when I get back, we'll go to work. Billboards with Oliver's picture flooded the state.

He appeared on television and at rallies and political seminars. Peter Tager had his own private polls that showed Oliver's popularity increasing each week. In another few weeks, they should be neck and neck. No question about it. I want you to be married before he becomes governor. It will play better if the governor has a wife. I'm mad about him.

The following evening, when Senator Davis came home, Jan was in her room, packing, her face stained with tears. He looked at her, concerned. I never want to see Oliver again as long as I live! Hold on there. What are you talking about? She couldn't wait to call and tell me what a wonderful lover he was. I called Oliver. He he couldn't deny it. I've decided to leave. I'm going to Paris. The senator sent for Oliver. It was it was just one of those things.

I had a few drinks and this woman came on to me and well, it was hard to say no. It won't happen again, I can assure " "It's too bad, though. You would have made a fine governor. I mean, when you think about Jan's feelings " "What does the governorship have to do with Jan? But since you're not going to be my son-in-law, well, I'll just have to make new plans, won't I? You can't " Senator Davis's smile faded. I can make you and I can break you! No hard feelings. I wish you only the best.

I really am. It's in the bag. The latest polls " "Just do as I tell you. Cancel all of Oliver's appearances. As far as we're concerned, he's out of the race. The billboards started to disappear, and the radio and television ads had been canceled. If we're going to find a new candidate, we'd better hurry," Peter Tager said. The senator was thoughtful. Let's play this out. Jim Bailey introduced him to Leslie, and Oliver was immediately taken with her. She was not only beautiful, she was intelligent and sympathetic and believed in him.

He had sometimes felt a certain aloofness in Jan, but he had overlooked it. With Leslie, it was completely different. She was warm and sensitive, and it had been natural to fall in love with her. From time to time, Oliver thought about what he had lost.

I can be happy without any of that, Oliver persuaded himself. But occasionally, he could not help thinking about the good things he might have accomplished. With Oliver's wedding imminent, Senator Davis had sent for Tager. We can't let Oliver Russell throw away his career by marrying a nobody. The wedding is all set. Oliver is getting married. He told me he's marrying her on the rebound because you left him. He's still in love with you.

It's a terrible thing he's doing to himself. And, in a way, you're forcing him to do it, baby. When you ran out on him, he just fell apart. I made a terrible mistake. Maybe he'll come to his senses. Just putting a few pieces back together, where they belong. I think I'll have a little talk with Oliver. Thank you for dropping by. You're looking very well. So are you. Sit down. One of my companies over there is in trouble. There's a stockholders' meeting coming up.

I'd like you to be there for it. When is the meeting? I'll check my calendar and " "I'm afraid you'd have to leave this afternoon. My plane's waiting at the airport. Can you manage it? It's important to me. I knew I could count on you. Have you seen the latest polls?

In fact, your future couldn't have been brighter. You would have had money Let me tell you something about money and power, Oliver. Money doesn't care who owns it. A bum can win it in a lottery, or a dunce can inherit it, or someone can get it by holding up a bank. But power that's something different. To have power is to own the world. If you were governor of this state, you could affect the lives of everybody living here.

You could get bills passed that would help the people, and you'd have the power to veto bills that could harm them. I once promised you that someday you could be President of the United States.

Well, I meant it, and you could have been. And think about that power, Oliver, to be the most important man in the world, running the most powerful country in the world. That's something worth dreaming about, isn't it? Just think about it. As though in answer to Oliver's unspoken question, the senator said, "And you let all that get away, for a piece of pussy. I thought you were smarter than that, son.

Senator Davis said casually, "I talked to Jan this morning. She's in Paris, at the Ritz. When I told her you were getting married well, she just broke down and sobbed. And I wouldn't interfere with that for anything in the world. I suppose I'm just an old sentimentalist, but to me marriage is the most sacred thing on earth.

You have my blessing, Oliver. The background and details of the meeting will be faxed to you in Paris. And don't worry. I'll take care of things over there. By the way, I've booked you in at the Ritz. In fact, your future couldn't have been brighter, Let me tell you something about money and power, Oliver You could get bills passed that would help the people, and you could veto bills that might harm them. I'm getting married to a wonderful woman. We'll make each other happy. Very happy. It would be smarter, Oliver thought, if I stayed at a different hotel the Plaza-Athen6e or the Meurice.

The chauffeur was looking at him expectantly. The least he could do was to apologize to Jan. He telephoned her from the lobby. I'm in Paris. I'd like to say hello if you " "Come up. Jan was waiting for him at the door. She stood there a moment, smiling, then threw her arms around him and held him close. I'm so glad! He was going to have to tell her about Leslie, but he had to find the right words. I'm sorry about what happened with us I never meant to hurt you I've fallen in love with someone else Well, I meant it I was a bloody fool.

I want to marry you. Oh, yes, my love! This feels so wonderful. Fifteen minutes later Jan was speaking to her father. I couldn't be more surprised or delighted. By the way, the mayor of Paris is an old friend of mine. He's expecting your call. He'll marry you there. I'll make sure everything's arranged. You've done the right thing. I feel the same way. And when you come home, you'll have a big church wedding here.

At the Calvary Chapel. I I don't think that's a good idea, Todd. That's where Leslie and I Why don't we? Am I right? Of course. I look forward to seeing you in a few days.

We have a lot to talk about When it was over, Jan looked at Oliver and said, "Father wants to give us a church wedding at the Calvary Chapel. But he had come too far to back down now.

She had done nothing to deserve what he had done to her. I'll call her and explain. But each time he picked up the telephone, he thought: How can I explain? What can I tell her? And he had no answer. He had finally gotten up the nerve to call her, but the press had gotten to her first, and he had felt worse afterward. The day after Oliver and Jan returned to Lexington, Oliver's election campaign went back into high gear.

Peter Tager had set all the wheels in motion, and Oliver became ubiquitous again on television and radio and in the newspapers. He spoke at the twenty-thousand-square-foot mall in Lancaster. And that was only the beginning. Peter Tager arranged for a campaign bus to take Oliver around the state.

The bus toured from Georgetown down to Stanford and stopped at Frankfort Oliver spoke at the Kentucky Fairground and at the Exposition Center. In Oliver's honor, they served burgoo, the traditional Kentucky stew made of chicken, veal, beef, lamb, pork, and a variety of fresh vegetables cooked in a big kettle over an open fire. Oliver's ratings kept going up. The only interruption in the campaign had been Oliver's wedding. He had seen Leslie at the back of the church, and he had had an uneasy feeling.

He talked about it with Peter Tager. And even if she wanted to, what could she do?

Forget her. Things were moving along beautifully. There was no reason to worry. Nothing could stop him now. On election night, Leslie Stewart sat alone in her apartment in front of her television set, watching the returns.

Precinct by precinct, Oliver's lead kept mounting. Finally, at five minutes before midnight, Governor Addison appeared on television to make his concession speech.

Leslie turned off the set. She stood up and took a deep breath. Weep no more, my lady, Oh, weep no more today! We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home, For the old Kentucky home far away.

It was time. Senator Todd Davis was having a busy morning. He had flown into Louisville from the capital for the day, to attend a sale of Thoroughbreds. The cellular phone rang.

Sometimes the Best Laid Plans Agent Milf

Peter Tager answered it. He hesitated a moment, then took the phone from Tager. I need a favor. It's really important. I'll be leaving for my farm in a few minutes. Do you want to meet me there?

I thought she was smarter than that. She should have asked me for money before Jan and Oliver got married. Miss Stewart has discovered that she's pregnant with Oliver's baby and she's going to need a little financial help. It's the oldest con game in the world. A guard was waiting outside the main house. This way, please. Senator Davis was at his desk, thumbing through a volume. He looked up and rose as Leslie entered.

Sit down, please. The senator held up his book. It lists the name of every Kentucky Derby winner from the first derby to the latest. Do you know who the first Kentucky Derby winner was? But I'm sure you didn't come here to discuss horses. I just found out I'm going to have Oliver's baby, and I don't know what to do I don't want to cause a scandal, but I'm willing to raise the baby, but I don't have enough money Senator Davis blinked, caught completely off guard.

Yes, I do. You want to meet Henry Chambers? He's living in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm leaving for Phoenix in the morning. I thought it would be nice if I knew someone there.

His instinct told him that there was something going on that he did not understand.

He phrased his next question cautiously. Only that he comes from Kentucky. She's a beautiful lady, he thought. Henry will owe me a favor. You'll be sorry to know that I bought Sail Away this morning.

I know you had your eye on her. I hear you just got another divorce. Too bad. I liked Jessica. Then Senator Davis said, "Henry, I'm going to do you a good turn.

A friend of mine is arriving in Phoenix tomorrow, and she doesn't know a soul there. I would appreciate it if you would keep an eye on her What does she look like? Just don't get any ideas. Delta flight You'll thank me for this. You take care now, Henry. I'll be in touch. That's all I need.

What the hell does Leslie Stewart want with Henry Chambers? The public fiasco with Oliver Russell had been a hundred times worse than anything Leslie could have imagined.

It was a never-ending nightmare. Everywhere Leslie went there were the whispers: She would never trust a man again. Her only consolation was that somehow, someday, she was going to make Oliver Russell pay for the unforgivable thing he had done to her. She had no idea how. With Senator Davis behind him, Oliver would have money and power. Then I have to find a way to have more money and more power, Leslie thought. But how? The inauguration took place in the garden of the state capitol in Frankfort, near the exquisite thirty-four-foot floral clock.

Jan stood at Oliver's side, proudly watching her handsome husband being sworn in as governor of Kentucky. If Oliver behaved himself, the next stop was the White House, her father had assured her. And Jan intended to do everything in her power to see that nothing went wrong. After the ceremony, Oliver and his father-in-law were seated in the palatial library of the Executive Mansion, a beautiful building modeled after the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette's villa near the palace of Versailles.

Senator Todd Davis looked around the luxurious room and nodded in satisfaction. Just fine. You're here because you deserve to be.

Best Laid Plans

Oh, maybe I helped push things along a wee bit. But this is just the beginning. I've been in politics a long time, son, and there are a few things I've learned. It's not who you know," Senator Davis explained, "it's what you know about who you know.

Everybody's got a little skeleton buried somewhere. All you have to do is dig it up, and you'll be surprised how glad they'll be to help you with whatever you need. I happen to know that there's a congressman in Washington who once spent a year in a mental institution.

A representative from up North served time in a reform school for stealing. Well, you can see what it would do to their careers if word ever got out. But it's grist for our mills.

They're powerful men and women, but they all have Achilles' heels. He's a transvestite. That's pure gold. I'll be careful. Don't break them just bend them a little.

It was true, in a sense. As far as Oliver was concerned, it was a marriage of convenience, and he was careful to see that he did nothing to disrupt it. He would never forget what his earlier indiscretion had almost cost him. Jan's happiness is very important to me.

Best Laid Plans: A Bloomfield Novel / Digital original - eBook

He's been a tremendous help to me. You won't find anyone better. I'm going to lend him to you, Oliver. He can smooth a lot of paths for you. I really appreciate that. You let me know if you need anything. I will. I forgot. I'll see him tomorrow. In a way, Oliver envied him. He's probably the only truly happy man I've ever known, he thought. On Monday morning, Tager came into Oliver's office. It's personal. And will the funny, quirky and marvellously magical Merlin ever find real love?

But it is the thread of seriousness in the writing, the insistence on respecting people as individuals and not labelling them, that makes this an exceptional novel. After several years as a newspaper columnist and television sitcom writer in America and Australia, she wrote eleven international bestsellers including Mad Cows, How to Kill Your Husband and other handy household hints and To Love, Honour and Betray.

Her novels have been published in fourteen languages around the world. She lives in London with her husband and two children. Visit her website at www.

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Penguin gifts. Writing workshops. View all. Events Podcasts Apps. Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Home Best Laid Plans. Bantam Press Published: Best Laid Plans Kathy Lette. Hardback Ebook. View more editions.She should have asked me for money before Jan and Oliver got married.

As far as Oliver was concerned, it was a marriage of convenience, and he was careful to see that he did nothing to disrupt it.

The only thing I care about is Oliver Russell's happiness. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death With Senator Davis behind him, Oliver would have money and power. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information.

One of the rumors is that someone was backing Russell, putting up all the money for his campaign, and then for some reason suddenly dropped him.

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