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by Jude Deveraux 12 editions - first published in a novel of good and evil, love and hope . Cover of: Someone to Love: A Novel. Jude Deveraux is the author of more than forty New York Times bestsellers, including Moonlight in the Morning, site Book 86 · OverDrive MP3 Audiobook 53 · OverDrive Listen 52 · Adobe PDF eBook 1 True Love. Nantucket Brides Trilogy (Series). Book 1. Jude Deveraux Author . cover image of Someone to Love. Jude Deveraux is the author of more than forty New York Times bestsellers, Adobe EPUB eBook · OverDrive Read · site Book 86 · OverDrive MP3 Audiobook 53 · OverDrive Listen 52 · Adobe PDF eBook 1 cover image of Forever: A Novel of Good and Evil, Love and Hope . cover image of Someone to Love.

Someone to Love Author s: Washington Square Press Availability: Pocket Books Availability: Someone to Love Montgomery, Book 21 Author s: Jude Deveraux Publisher: site CA. site UK. Someone To Love Author s: Whole Story Audiobooks Availability: site AU. Montgomery, Book 13 Author s: RecordedBooks Availability: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

The house was for sale. He recognized the photo as the one in the envelope and was sure that the picture of the house had been cut out of a sales brochure.

Jace downloaded the brochure for the house and read every word carefully. It was a very old house, part of it built on the remains of a monastery established in the early s. He knew in his heart that the secret to why Stacy had killed herself was inside that house. She had been there before. Jace felt sure that she was meeting a man.

Yes, he was jealous, but he was sane enough to know that there could have been reasons other than love to explain her actions. In the end, the only person he mentioned it to was his uncle Frank because he had the money that Jace needed to borrow to download the big house.

When Jace got to the real estate office in London, the agent was cool and polite, but he got the feeling that the man and his office mates would be toasting with champagne if someone at last sold the odious old house.

See a Problem?

Maybe the realtor had an attack of conscience because he handed Jace a thick stack of brochures on other houses in England that were for sale. Jace had smiled politely, thanked him, then tossed them into the back of his brand-new Range Rover and left them there. He saw the house only once before he bought it. It was a Sunday afternoon, raining hard outside, and the electricity had gone off. The darkness made the gloomy house even more dismal. At least not at what the realtor was pointing out.

Had Stacy sat on that window seat and looked out? Had she climbed those stairs? So now he was ready to take possession of the house and the contents.

Someone to Love

For an extra hundred grand, the realtor had persuaded the previous owner to leave behind a great deal of furniture and housewares. Few antiques, no valuable ornaments, but some couches, chairs, beds, and china were left. During the price negotiation, the owner had taken more time discussing the furniture than he had the house. Now Jace got into his new car, turned on the engine, and continued to drive.

When the house came into view, he sighed.

Yes, it was as hideous as he remembered. From the outside, it looked to be an enormous square fortress, three stories high, with thick brick turrets pasted on top of each corner. Although it looked to be solid, when you drove through a gap between the buildings, you were inside a large, graveled courtyard. If the house were seen from the air, it would look like a rectangle with an empty interior.

Jude Deveraux

Inside, it was almost as though there were two houses, one for the owners and one for the staff that it took to run such a large place. Two sides of the box formed a normal house, with large rooms, several of which had beautiful ceilings.

The other two sides had smaller rooms that contained the service areas, including the laundry and a big kitchen. There were also two apartments for the live-in staff. The master bedroom was huge, thirty by eighteen, and it had been connected to two smaller bedrooms that the previous owners used as giant closets. Were there animals on the grounds? Cows, maybe? For a moment he sat in the car and reminded himself that he was now the owner of the estate and should know whether or not there was livestock on his land.

When there was a knock on his car window, he jumped so high his head hit the ceiling. Turning, he saw a little old woman standing outside. She was short and plump, with rosy cheeks and an apron full of green beans.

He pushed the button to lower the window.

He had to wait a second before he understood her. Jace hesitated for a second, then leaped out of the car and followed her. On the other hand, was she the ghost? It was dead silent. The thick brick and stone walls kept out all sound. He was in the main reception hall and in front of him was a beautifully polished oak staircase. Halfway up was a tall, leaded glass window with a little round insert of a couple of lions.

Where could she have gone? He took a right and went down a hallway, peeping into rooms as he went. He saw a big living room with oak paneling three-quarters of the way up the walls. Next to it was a kitchen.

Paperback Editions

The cabinets were beautiful, the floor slate, the windows stone-cased. He opened the refrigerator. It was empty. Maybe the woman cooked outside.

On a grill, maybe. Vaguely, Jace remembered the realtor telling him that there were two kitchens, one for the family and one for Mrs.

Jace turned right and went past another little sitting room, then into a second drawing room. Huge, floor-to-ceiling windows ran along one side, while the other wall had nothing on it. Turning, he backtracked until he got to the entrance hall. This time he took the old oak door to the left. This led into a narrow passage that took a sharp left turn. He went past a laundry big enough to take care of the crew of a submarine, an office, a little room that contained another staircase, a walk-in closet, a powder room, and a door to the outside.

He had his hand on the knob to the exterior door when his nose made him turn left. He walked into a big kitchen that looked like something out of a history magazine. The walls were lined with a mixture of tall wardrobes and a Welsh dresser that displayed an amazing array of old dishes, none of which seemed to match. There was an old sink along one wall, one of the constantly on, beloved-by-the-English, multidoored Aga ranges on another wall, and a huge oak table in the middle of the room.

The legs on the table were about a foot in diameter and turned into huge rounds. Browne was at the sink, her back to him. She turned around to look at him. But not as handsome as my Jamie. Now sit down there and eat. You look starved. Now, sit and have a good meal.

The sandwich she put before him was divine: Wish he were, but then we all wish Jamie was our son. Since it was half-buried under hanging pots, dish towels, and strings of garlic, he could barely see it. The photo was of a handsome young man, blond, blue-eyed, and he looked vaguely familiar. He thought she was either a lot older than she appeared, or a lot younger. When he still looked blank, she grabbed a thick book off the countertop and put it on the table beside him. It was a cookbook and on the cover was the young man in the photo on the wall.

Browne said, going to the cabinet beside the sink and opening a door. Inside was a refrigerator of a size that Americans would use to hold their drinks on the family boat. She withdrew a bottle of something dark and brown, poured a big glassful, and set it on the table in front of him. She was looking at him as though he was supposed to say something. She seemed to be pleased and went back to the range to stir a pan.

The brown liquid was beer, but it was so strongly flavored and so strongly alcoholic that he thought he might choke. Browne had her back to him, stirring her pot while she told him all about Jamie Oliver and what a magnificent chef he was and how she followed his advice to the letter. Behind her, Jace was quietly trying to rebound from the swig of beer. His eyes were watering and his head swimming. He thought he might have to lie down on the stone floor to recover.

Browne turned around and looked at him, her eyes narrowed to slits. I love it.

When he finished, he thought he might pass out, but by strength of will, he stayed in his seat and looked at her. Browne gave a little smile as though she knew exactly what was going on, then she turned back to her bubbling pot.

His hands went one way and the sandwich another. Hatch is the gardener. Frowning, Mrs. Browne moved the plate under his hands. When Jace got hold of the sandwich, he smiled at her in accomplishment. He bit his hand twice, but it was numb so he felt nothing. Browne was watching him and shaking her head. Hatch will want to know what you want done to the gardens.

Browne smiled warmly. The last two families were scared to death of her. Poor thing. That should loosen her chains. Browne laughed. Unless you need to lie down a bit on a count a the English beer.

Browne, am I bleeding anywhere? Hatch makes wine as well as beer. Browne put her strong hands on his lower back and gave him a push. When he opened his eyes he was standing outside and the door was being closed behind him. The sunlight threatened to crack his brain open. No one was there, but he thought he smelled something. Flowers and wood smoke, he thought. It lasted only a second, then it was gone. He turned back, put his hand over his eyes, and looked out across the gardens.

Green trees, green grass, flowers. He saw it all, but there was no person in sight. Had he just been spoken to by a ghost? He smiled.

Jude Deveraux

Maybe he should have been frightened, but he had an odd thought. Jace gave the first semblance of a laugh that had passed his lips in years. He put his hands in his pockets and tried to lift his neck, which was nearly as numb as his feet, and went in search of the gardener.

About The Author.In the end, the only person he mentioned it to was his uncle Frank because he had the money that Jace needed to borrow to download the big house.

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See 1 question about Someone to Love…. They're fighters, certainly, but they're also beauties who are preoccupied with survival and family preservation. No romance- just a kind of ghost hunt Wish he were, but then we all wish Jamie was our son. For a moment he sat in the car and reminded himself that he was now the owner of the estate and should know whether or not there was livestock on his land.

Now, she is the author of thirty-one New York Times bestsellers. Talvez as expectativas fossem demasiado altas.

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