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Download and Read Free Online Sweet Temptation Wendy Higgins cheap books, good books, online books, books online, book reviews epub, read books. This Pin was discovered by kimberly landivar. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Sweet Trilogy has 9 entries in the series. Sweet Evil 3-Book Collection. Sweet Trilogy (Series). Wendy Higgins Author cover image of Sweet Temptation.

At the same time, Anna is the first girl that ever wants to look into his soul and his heart — something incredibly frightening for Kaidan. There is something about Anna that will ruin everything he has ever believed in … He was smoking hot.

As in H-O-T-T, hott. This guy was extra-t-worthy. I was right there with Anna, feeling her emotions instead of reading them, absorbing them and making them my own. I want to feel the butterflies when they kiss I want to feel the heartbreak and I want to shed tears with them! Sweet evil is all that and more! We never get too far, although this teasing was driving me nuts!

Bottom Line: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins is a highly seductive read, with intense and memorable characters which will suck you into their tale and occupy your mind even after finishing the last page. View all 12 comments. Nov 11, Victoria rated it it was ok Recommended to Victoria by: Judith Judith'sChoiceReads. More like 2. A very generous rating First of all, I'm going to say this is not a bad book.

It has a lot of flaws Come on, every book has its flaws and merits. That's probably the only thing I was looking forward to reading Sweet Evil. Sweet Evil was a very frustrating read and I mean the-hair-pulling-and-throwing-the-book-across-the-wall-frustration. First, I had some problems with the characters. Actually, minus tha More like 2. Actually, minus that! I have a lot of issues with the characters!

The MC Anna was absolutely naive, annoying, innocent, and can be very careless and stupid! Aside those qualities, she is definitely a Mary Sue perfect face except the freckle at the end which she thinks is her flaw, perfect body, perfect grades, and has special senses who doesn't realizes it. At one point, she says she promise to stay away from Kaiden, but she does the complete opposite.

If you say you're going to do this, then don't do the opposite! She's so perfect and literally makes 2 guys fall in love with her. How can anyone like her? I had to take lots of breaks just to get out of her head because it was damn annoying! Don't get me started on the "hot" Kaiden. He has the looks, money, British accent, and the girls who wants him.

The love interest who happened to be Kaiden is male prostitute whom is disgusting, brooding, and definetely a creep. I don't understand what Anna sees in him. Of course, he is drop-dead gorgeous, but how can you love a guy who goes out every night to have sex with girls? I don't know how many times I gagged when he says he goes "working". Anna's adoptive mother, Patti, was even more stupid.

She is just like Anna--innocent, naive even for an adult , and extremely awkward.

Of course, she's kind, nice, overprotective of Anna and helps Anna with the facts about how she was created, but I can't stand her! She's an embarrassment to Anna and there was this scene where she told Kaiden to keep Anna's virginity intact.

Who's says that?! Patti was also reckless, letting her daughter go on a trip with a demon who wants to have sex with her. And they almost did it. Do you not know the consequences of what's going to happen with being a demon who wants to have sex with you?

If I was Anna, I will stay the hell away from Kaiden. Who knows what will happen next? For me to like a book, I have to like the characters as well, but apparently that didn't happen.

I couldn't connect with the characters and that's just the end for me. Moving on The romance between Anna and Kaiden gag was way, way, way, too quickly. It felt like Anna took one glance at him and then began falling in lust love with him. It was definitely insta-love. And you know how much I hate insta-love That was the only interesting part out of the novel. Higgins has potential in writing a creative storyline and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it from her next books.

But I'm positive about one thing. I'm not going to be reading her later works. This one just went down the drain for me. Sorry Sweet Evil fans, this book just wasn't for me. It might not be mine, but it might be for you and from seeing a lot of 5 stars reviews, you might really like it. View all 11 comments. May 06, Laz rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A very well-written ya-paranormal novel about Angels and Demons as we've never seen them before.

I liked the plot, and I liked the pace and how the heroine matured and developed throughout the book, and it's just the first novel in the series so character development at that level was not something I expected and it surprised me nicely. Anna Whitt can see everyone's emotions, she can see and feel their feelings. Whatever that may be. It used to make her vulnerable but that's just history now. She A very well-written ya-paranormal novel about Angels and Demons as we've never seen them before.

She comes from a very religious home, since her mother is a devout person and that's passed on to Anna. She and her best friend love music, well Jason loves music more and that's why he and Anna go to gigs and such.

Until one night while a band they went to see was performing, Anna noticed something weird about the drummer's aura. It held no emotions, it was black and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't see behind the blackness. That certainly piqued her interest and this took a very unexpected turn for Anna and her life, it changed dramatically from that moment on.

The heroine is incredible. She's that shy, innocent girl but not one of the fake ones who pretend. She just is that way and she's okay with it. She's always been a wallflower, a loner.. She only has one friend, Jason and that's it. She doesn't pursue new friendships and she doesn't try to fit in. Write down that she's not a girly girl.

Kaidan, though, the drummer boy I mentioned above is the complete opposite from Anna. He's funny, intelligent, communicative, sexy, and of course Anna is attracted to him.

How these two are connected? You'll have to read to find out. Despite their differences, they have a really powerful bond and there's definitely a flame that won't be put out.

There are many more intriguing characters, but I won't go into detail about them. There are plenty of characters you'll like and maybe some you'll dislike. The only thing for sure is that this book is undeniably good.

May 26, Kristalia rated it it was ok Shelves: Final rating: This book didn't work out for me. Seriously, the hell did i just read? It was so wrong, and on so many levels. I have no other idea how to say this. But this book is just wrong. I wanted to love this book, but we were not meant to be.

Although, for everyone else, most of them were Final rating: Although, for everyone else, most of them were just okay, so dislike part goes for my lack of emotional attachment. In short - I didn't care about any of them. This review contains slight spoilers! Each Duke commands a legion of demon whisperers who haunt the earth. The whisperers are called the Legionnaires.

We sometimes just refer to them as spirits. Between the Dukes and the Legionnaires, there are six hundred and sixty-six demons on earth. We work for our fathers and keep our mouths shut. And the idea is the most unique concept of angels and demons.

This I appreciated, but the execution was bad. Really bad. As for the actual synopsis, just read the GR's one, because my brain cells are fried. Almost all of the characters are evil. Which is the point.

Major point. And this is how the story is I think the author overused point of good and evil in this book. While in between she made characters who were shades of gray. Ok, that was the point, i get it, but she overused the goodness in Anna, and also made it like Kaidan did not have even slightest choice. If you wanted real, i mean real, kickass bad boy, who is very very evil because he must be is Jericho Barrons from Fever.

I'm sorry but I was really not fan of Kaidan. Anna is the daughter of Belial - Duke of Substance abuse with occupation of physical addictions; primarily drugs and alcohol that being a type which makes people drink themselves to the point of idiocy or something worse. Either she is going to cry like a baby, or be evil trying to be evil in this way: She is whiny, i-want-to-kill-the-heroine type of character, which is why she is so I understand, she is part angel too, but she is overly sensitive and cries for everything!

As for Kaidan,son of Pharzuph - Duke of Lust with occupation of craving for carnal pleasures of the body; sexual desire outside of marriage, that being whoring , he was just ok to me - but I really hated the fact that he had to continue doing his "role" as a "whore" because of his father, and even after he fell in love with Anna.

I say, this book would be so awesome, had it been in alternating POVs. He was cool, he has interesting sin, but still Still wonders why he hadn't been killed for it. As for Ginger, Marna's twin Lucky him.

I'm sorry, but this book just didn't work out for me. Fantastic idea - really loved it, but I disliked the characters, and felt no attachment to any of them. Most of my friends loved it. But I just can't - there are just so many things wrong.

This book is full of trigger warnings, so be careful. Maybe one day I finish it. But I really doubt it. View all 36 comments. Jul 09, Jess rated it did not like it Shelves: I must be masochistic. I knew how much I hated this, and yet I still managed to will myself and complete the book. You either love it and spend the rest of eternity fist-pumping your friend, or you will hate it and entertain yourself with dreams of flushing the story out of your mind, never mentionin I must be masochistic.

You either love it and spend the rest of eternity fist-pumping your friend, or you will hate it and entertain yourself with dreams of flushing the story out of your mind, never mentioning the book again. Meet Anna. Anna lives with her adoptive mother Patti, who might I add is super protective. What an angel. Now, up until her 16th birthday, Anna could care less about her abnormalities; she is content with being a blessed soul. But that all changes when we meet Kaidan Rowe.

Anna loses her shit from the moment she encounters Kaidan and onwards. Anna is the most unreliable 1st POV ever. She has ridiculous thoughts, and then chastises herself, only to have the same thought in the next line. Am I being fucked with?

Did I honestly just read that line? Any convoluted thoughts I may have had about the series cleared up in a second. It takes her four days to find herself caught up in a soul-consuming love affair is there any form of medal that I can give her, because this is an achievement. You know what else is weird? Admitting that to your only friend. You would think desperate! Anna would recover any semblance of sanity, but no, she lives on. In their period of segregation, Anna gets just a tad more obsessed is that even possible?

The feminine curves that had always eluded me were finally making an appearance. Instead, there shall be time for sexy-Kaidan thoughts. Maybe Adam in a loincloth? The point is, desperate! Way to go Patti. At least you threatened the boy: That ought to solve everything—never mind the fact that no adult is there to supervise. In addition to all this craziness, this book is written with the most awkwardly contrived dialogue I have ever read in my life.

What was with the overload of slang? Hip and cool as we may be, no person in their right mind possesses the entire urban-colloquial vocabulary bequeathed to this book. Plus, with all the influx of British characters, it must be hard for us readers to tell them apart. Fly where? Just to add the cherry-on-top, this book has an outright aversion to cursing. This just boggles my mind. Are you honestly telling me that the spawn of the Dukes of Hell are incapable of uttering a single profanity.

We get things like: Please enlighten me 3. This makes me look like I have a potty mouth, and I can keep my language pretty PG. The actions of some of these characters are also terribly described. They are honestly some of the most awkward conjurations that I have ever read. When you write and describe a specific action, please make it an action that people actually do in real life.

Tell me Anna, how does one feel pouty? This book ends nice and bittersweet for dear Anna. What is this even? All the other time in between was spend brooding. What memories do you speak of?!? This book and I will never, ever get along. But now I realise, I have the next two books! It is simply time-consuming, not to mention emotionally taxing to write reviews emboldened with blazing anger.

View all 10 comments. Mar 30, Gianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: At a glance, Sweet Evil seems like another young adult paranormal romance book. And to be honest, it is It's completely amazing and I'm pretty sure this review will not do any justice to how much praise this book truly deserves. One of my favorite things about Sweet Evil is the world building. She took a very simple, basic concept and twisted it into something brand new and refreshing!

Throughout the book, I couldn't help but think, "What if this At a glance, Sweet Evil seems like another young adult paranormal romance book. Throughout the book, I couldn't help but think, "What if this actually happens in real life?

Originality is best, as always. And the characters? The sons and daughters of the Dukes make up a good chunk of the cast. Flawed and realistic, I loved each and every one of their voices.

They're incredibly well-written and each came from a different background, which was interesting to learn. My favorite character was probably Kai. He is absolutely swoon-worthy in every right, and words just cannot describe. She doesn't spend over half of the book whining about her problems, and even though she does break down when things get bad, she gets back up which is a plus in my book.

Plot wise? Sweet Evil was actually really good. It kept me engaged after it hooked me from page one! I couldn't stop reading this book and when I had to stop, Sweet Evil lingered on my mind, begging me to pick it up again. Now, that is book addiction. There was a good number of surprises that I didn't see coming, which I loved. Now, now, last but not least, the sexy times. Prior to reading this book, I expected a fluffy read with over saturated romance but it's quite the opposite.

Although I felt the romance scenes were quite fewer than I had expected the book to have, they were incredibly sensual and most definitely made my heart race.

To say sparks fly between Kai and Anna is an understatement. There is a burning inferno between these two and it has no traces of insta-love! These two fit together like two puzzle pieces, and the chemistry between these two is beyond amazing.

Kai and Anna are definitely one of my favorite couples of The ending is heart wrenching well, at least, in my opinion it was! It leaves me dying to wonder what's going to happen between our starcrossed lovers! Sweet Evil is one of the best written love stories I have read in a long time, with a dark plot and a brilliant set of characters as well as a delectable relationship that had me rooting from the start!

View all 5 comments. Having each person belonging to a sin - which isn't limited to the seven deadly sins and having to work for their fathers. I love Belial Anna's father he reminds me of a tough biker dude with a soft spot for Anna and her mother. Overall I'm definitely on team Kaiden!

I do like Kopano as well but he has nothing on Kaiden. View all 4 comments. Dec 13, Whitney rated it it was ok Shelves: You can also see this review on my blog here. D Where to start Well, I'd like to say first of all, that this was disappointing. I was expecting way more out of this book from the positive reviews I've been seeing all over the net. Some of you may know that I hardly ever down a book. But this just didn't cut it for me. It had definite flaws all throughout the book that were cliche and just downright frustrating.

The seven deadly sins are in demon form--also known as Dukes--except sloth and gluttony. Those two have been ranked under one form. And there's six addition sins in demon form as well; lying, murder, hatred, theft, adultery, and substance abuse.

Also, humans have guardian angels, Nephilim can seem in them, but Anna just started out seeing a white puff of smoke beside the human since she hasn't trained for her "work. And I didn't like her, just to put it bluntly. I don't even get her behavior, since she was raised like a southern Bella Swan that basically pants for drugs and alcohol.

And she had no idea what was going on with who she really was. I have my limits with weak characters, and Anna met that limit within the first few chapters. She was way too I know how that sounds, but it was just a headache to get through her nice bullshit.

And there was a huge thing about her being a virgin. They treated that like it was a sin all on its own, which to me, isn't right. Then, view spoiler [when she got to work with her dad on her alcohol limit hide spoiler ] it was just a cluster-fuck. Especially when she went into the bar to To me it's just being a floozy drunk.

As for Kaidan Rowe, the main hero, is a total arrogant asshole. But it's expected since his father is the Duke of Lust. So there wasn't no surprise there.

He's in a band as the drummer, as that's just the icing on the cake. He's got so many fangirls, he can't even count since he's screwed them all. He's the biggest man-whore I've read about, and he didn't even try to hide it that he was since he calls it "work. He knew he was hot shit and didn't care about his reputation. I'm pretty sure his inner self was like: For the other characters, Jay has to be my favorite out of the whole book. He's nice, cute, and he looks out for people when they apparently don't need looking out for.

Meaning Anna. Believe it or not, he was a sweetie pie. I was hoping him and Anna would share a little kiss or two. But nooooo, Anna being all hung up on Kaidan's whore-self made her go into lock down mode on her feelings for anyone. Like Bella Swan, when Kaidan left her, she didn't eat, sleep, or communicate with friends.

I didn't like the twins--Marna and Ginger--or Blake, there's not really much to say about them other than Ginger was a conniving bitch and Marna was the exact opposite. Then there's Patti. I don't really feel anything for her. Because she sent her adoptive daughter on a road trip, alone, with--apparently--the hottest guy in the whole freaking universe, who also happens to be a demon.

That's an awesome way to deal with this situation, ay? I know I've read a lot of YA books that have dealt with the use of alcohol, sex, and some drugs, but this was just full-blown drug use and alcoholism. It was making me sick even thinking about it, to be honest. It was invoking teen drinking, drugs, and sex. Big time.

There was a couple of scenes where Kaidan was pushing Anna to loose her virginity. But it was to "test her limits" though. Which to me, is making me feel confused for her, seeing as he was on her one minute then pushing her away the next.

There were some parts in which they almost did go all the way, but Kaidan was like "oh I don't want to take your virginity in a ratty motel room. But it's always "make an exception for the good girl who's got to save man-kind. There was one part in the book where Anna and a bunch of Kaidan's friends were at an after party after one of Kaidan's shows, and they were drinking and playing truth or dare.

She was just about to leave when one of the twins was like, "Kaidan! Get over here! I heard him approach through the long blades of grass, Marna and Jay must have walked away, because when I looked up, it was only the two of us.

He stared down and nudged an old tree stump with his foot. An apology. I felt myself soften. If I were Anna, I would have kick him where the sun don't shine, and laughed about it. I hate it when this happens, where the hero does something stupid and caused the heroine to feel shitty, then he apologizes like a 6-year-old does when he pisses outside of the training toilet.

I don't know if I'll read the next books, it's highly unlikely. The book ended off in a weird cliffhanger though, and it left me like, "That's fucking it?

That's the end of the book? Sep 29, Ash rated it really liked it Shelves: September 11 - 17, first reread review: I actually enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. And I am going straight into book 2! Not sure of a rating I am not really sure on a review. My feelings for this book are all jumbled up inside my head at the moment.

I didn't love this book. I didn't find it amazing, I didn't find myself wrapped first read: I didn't find it amazing, I didn't find myself wrapped up in it I enjoyed this book for the story it was. I liked how different the characters were, but they were certainly flawed. The only 2 characters I really found myself drawn to were Kaidan and John Grey. I liked them all for different reasons, but those were were by far my favorites. Kaidan was a total asshole though, and I am interested to see how this story as a whole plays out.

As interesting as I found the concept of this story to be, I found myself confused on more than one occasion. I don't really like being confused while reading - books are for enjoying and relaxing, not for being confused and getting stressed but you think you've missed something, or just can't figure out what is going on.

Like I said though, I definitely enjoyed this enough to read on in the series and figure out what the end game is. I didn't like the ending of this book, it was sad, and it left me wanting. I don't think it will be too long before I find myself with book 2 in hand.

View 1 comment. Dec 24, Riley rated it really liked it. This was highly addicting. I kept picking it up, planning on only reading a chapter or two, then realizing I had read pages. I just couldn't ever put it down. I really like the mythology. The main characters were nothing special and kind of the typical YA tropes but I still found myself caring about them and liking them.

I loved the side characters! They all had a lot of depth. Overall this was a very addicting story and I This was highly addicting. Overall this was a very addicting story and I'm excited to pick up the sequel. Dec 31, Jasmine rated it did not like it Shelves: What a fantastic way to end the year. Jan 12, Meli rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: YA readers, paranormal romance lovers. I can now say that I am officially in love with a fictional character. Thanks to you Wendy Higgins.

Thank you. I knew it! I knew it!! I loved it: I loved this story so much,it was such a great read that by the time I reached the end I was like: One more thing,Kai and Anna I beg you!

May 19, Pearl Angeli rated it it was amazing Shelves: And there wasn't a thing on earth, in heaven, or in hell that could have stopped me.

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I love it so much! And I therefore conclude that Kaidan Rowe is my new book boyfriend! Oh my God.. It's so hard to think of better words to describe my feelings for this book. First off, I really had high expectations with it since it has high ratings here in GR. Guess what? It actually exceeded my expectations. I "I was in love with him.

I was completely blown away! I love the premise and how Ms. Wendy Higgins created such a brilliant and challenging spiritual concept about angels and demons. What struck me most was how the author also pointed some Biblical views on it. I love her ideas and how she thoroughly made a good research about the fallen angels and other creations. Isn't she perfect?

What's even great about this book is its unpredictability. The plot of this book surprises me a lot. It's intense! Higgins' writing style is really hands down beautiful! Another thing that I particularly love about this book is the characters. Kaidan Rowe! Can you please stop being HOTT?! I love the bad-boy image of this guy. The one who is totally capable of giving me the feels. And Anna Whitt-- well, I really love her character. She's not an annoying, angsty lead like other YA female characters.

Her sweetness and kindness definitely win my heart I could hug her! They're badass characters! As a whole, this book is phenomenal. I highly recommend this one to every YA fan who loves Nephilim stories.

I'm still in a book hangover right now. Couldn't stop thinking about this book. Need to move on to the second! Jan 20, Rane rated it it was amazing Shelves: One word can sum up this whole book for me: Captivating As I started this book I thought it be about an angel falling in love, Wendy Higgins quickly throws anything I might of had about this book out the window and created an amazing tale of a young Nephilim, Anna Whitt, who doesn't know what she is, only that her senses are super hype, and she's able to see and feel emotions.

Until she meets a drummer stud muffin Kaidan Rowe and everything she knows is turned on her head and the life she mus One word can sum up this whole book for me: Until she meets a drummer stud muffin Kaidan Rowe and everything she knows is turned on her head and the life she must walk will test everything she knows.. Anna comes across as someone naive and maybe a little goody-two shoes, but it fits her, the kindness, and love she gives builds the strength she needs in order to face some pretty nasty demons and things that could break anyone's heart and turn them into the negative side of life.

She to has her flaws, but their of a young girl in love, and confused, but still standing tall.


The Demon Dukes who serve the devil here on earth, all serve one vice, from pride, lust, subsidence abuse. I thought this was very clever and intriguing in how the Dukes try to pollute human's mind, and how easy it is for us to give in to our dark thoughts and give up. It takes courage to fight even if the battle is in ourselves. That's where our Guardian Angels come in, always there protecting us, telling us we can! Being that a positive in our lives.

Such as Kaidan whose father the Duke of Lust has used Kaidan for his own bidding much as the other Dukes have of their Neph children. Kaidan blows hot and cold when it comes to Anna.

He thought she was a false and to good to be true and later it becomes so much more that Kaidan loses his heart to her, but knowing they can't be together, I quickly grew to adore Anna, Kaidan and all those who support them. Each had something different and whole to bring to the table.

Even to the point where your heart breaks when you read the tragic tales about these Neph children. The pace of the book never lets up, with the stakes getting only higher each chapter, and each page. With many things being reveled to Anna that cause her at times to stumble, but she never gives up in the face of change and alot of heartache and tears. Sweet Evil shows that in believing in the good and love of people, there's still hope.

This book left me hoping and looking for more from this amazing series. References to Rape, Abuse, Drugs, Suicide View all 19 comments.

Aug 01, Pang rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Re-read book for the sequel. What's happend with my reviews on this series? I might edit them soon. I felt prickle. I cry, cry and cry as if crazy. Were you cry while you writing this? Thx Wendy for this gift!

I luv U. I want to read about evil and demon. I search goodreads and found.. The sons and the daughters of the Dukes of demon. They have to do the wicked jobs, influence humans to do the bad things. They are sinful.. They are also fascinating.. He is funny and cute. Anna has broken heart, she should have friend who can make her relax. Jay is a great friend and I want to have friend like him.

I felt everything through her. I hurt when she hurt, heartbroken. Even cried when she cried, break down. Indeed, Anna is sweet, innocent, and brave.

She can touch his soul.. She knows that Kai is good inside, after she spent times with him in the trip. Although Kai broke her heart several times, but she will never hate him. She knows it is dangerous to be close together. She knows Kai push her away for protecting her. She is strong enough to move on her life. She loves him so much and it makes me love Kai so much, as well. Yummy Kai.. Kai is mysterious and dangerous. The son of the Duke of Lust, sexy, delicious, and dark. I love Kai..

Nobody could take those things away. I utterly love Kaidan so much like Anna does. When I first knew what job Kai is, I was shocked. Awesome build and develop. They are so realistic. I can touch how hottt Kai is. I have sense of involvement with Anna. Even the secondary characters are interesting all of them. Kope, Ginger, Marna, Blake, and the others. Demons… I want to learn more about them in the next book.

I was hooked! They are so perfect for each other. This book is so my cup of tea… I want My Kai!!! View all 7 comments. Dec 30, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I chose to read this book as a recommendation from twitter. I asked this simple question Sweet Evil got the majority of votes, so Sweet Evil I decided to read! Now I feel that a thank you is in order. You were all right!

Incredibly right! This was definitely my kind of read! I got the romance I craved, the ever so swoon worthy Kaidan to pine over, and a sto I chose to read this book as a recommendation from twitter. I got the romance I craved, the ever so swoon worthy Kaidan to pine over, and a story that sent my heart through an emotional ride like no other!

Sweet Evil has definitely earned a top star rating from me! The characters were unforgettable! Each and every one of them! I've got a few favorites! That's for sure! We've got the ever so caring best friend Jay, the terrible twosome Marna and Ginger gotta love em and of course the unforgettable incredibly irresistible Son of Lust a.

The second I read the words "roadtrip with the son of lust" insert goofy smile here I thought to myself.. And good it was indeed! Now that..

I can't gush about this book enough! It's definitely one of the best I've read this year! My only hope is that we get more Kaidan Rowe soon!! This book blogger is SO ready for more! Trust me when I say this This book will keep you reading way past your bedtime!

YA teens who each have their own addictions and cause havoc to people around them by encouraging these addictions and therefore helping their parents gain power. Sex, gluttony, substance abuse and greed are some of these.

Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos Young Adult. About Wendy Higgins. Wendy Higgins. After earning a Creative Writing degree from George Mason University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford, Wendy taught high school English until achieving her dream job as a full-time writer.

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Other books in the series. Sweet 4 books. Books by Wendy Higgins. Trivia About Sweet Evil Sweet Quotes from Sweet Evil. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What's the Name o YA Buddy Readers' Books with hotties like Kaiden??? She now lives in northern Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son.

This swoonworthy, romantic companion novel to Wendy Higgins's New York Times bestselling Sweet Evil series is told from irresistible bad-boy Kaidan's point of view. When bad-boy drummer Kaidan Rowe encounters good girl Anna Whitt, the girl chosen to vanquish the demons from earth, he can't stop thinking about her. The Nephilim son of the Duke of Lust, Kaidan tries to help Anna embrace a life of sin, but she gradually helps him see that he's meant to do more with his life.

Their relationship is as tortured as it is passionate, for Nephilim are forbidden to fall in love. But as hard as they may try to obey, Kai can't seem to stay away from Anna, nor Anna from Kai.

Full of chemistry and high-stakes drama, this companion book is darker, hotter, and completely satisfying. My Account. Log Out.

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Search WorldCat. Downloadable Library. Library Events. Events for Adults. Events for Teens. Events for Kids. Average Rating. Sweet Trilogy. Checked Out. Place Hold OverDrive. Add a Review. Add To List. More Details. Also in This Series. Similar Titles From NoveList. Similar Series From NoveList. Similar Authors From NoveList. Published Reviews.But are they really different or more the same? I love Kaidan's POV. Of course, she's kind, nice, overprotective of Anna and helps Anna with the facts about how she was created, but I can't stand her!

This book blogger is SO ready for more! Kudos to Wendy Higgins for this last installment in this beautiful series! He is funny and cute. The Great Pursuit. The characters in this book are really swoon worthy.

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