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On libtutynupa.ml you can find hundreds of english translated light novel, web novel, korean novel Hidan no Aria 緋弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo . Posts about Hidan no Aria written by bakakabasan. Hidan no Aria, EPUB and PDF Download. Aria the Scarlet Ammo • 緋弾のアリア latest chapter. Create your own Light Novel. Authors English Publishers.

All she knows is that a stranger shot her for unknown reasons and that the bullet can't be removed safely. As a side effect of the HihiIrokane bullet lodged within her, her eye color and hair color, which were originally sapphire blue and flaxen blonde respectively, changed to a pinkish strawberry blonde and ruby colored eyes.

Her mother is Japanese and her father is half English, half Japanese. Her paternal grandmother is a member of the British Royal Family , having been knighted and received the title of a " dame ". Aria develops feelings for Kinji after they kiss in episode 5, and gets jealous when other girls approach him.

Hidan no Aria - Light Novel

She's the current student council chairman, and president of various clubs including the gardening club, handicraft club, and girls' volleyball club. According to Kinji, she is a perfect Japanese beauty except for one flaw - jealousy , which turns her into a berserker who assaults any girl approaching Kinji.

When she finds out that Aria is living with Kinji she tries to murder her. She is shown to love Kinji to the point that she will do anything for him. Kinji and Shirayuki kiss in episode 8, and since then Shirayuki's feelings for Kinji have increased to the point that she is willing to appear nude in front of him in order for him to notice her.

She uses a Japanese sword named Irokane Ayame as her weapon of choice. It is later revealed that her name, Shirayuki, was an alias to conceal her real name, Himiko. She is enrolled in the Inquesta department along with Kinji.

Although often considered the biggest idiot in Kinji's class, this is a deliberate facade which she drops when she is forced into dangerous circumstances. She has a talent for intelligence assessment and, at Butei High, gossip. She enjoys customizing her uniform in an Elegant Gothic Lolita style.


She wields two Walther P99s and two knives and, like Aria, has earned the title of "Quadra". Riko also reveals that she is the Butei Killer.

She appears to have an inferiority complex towards the first Lupin and wants to exceed his legacy. The reason for this, and why she despises being referred to by her generation's number, is due to the circumstances under which she grew up.

During this time he repeatedly told her that she is worthless since she had not inherited any of the past Lupins' abilities and that her only redeeming quality was that she could be used to produce another generation of the Lupin name, Lupin the V. Her original plan was to recreate the historical encounter between the original Holmes and Lupin, with Aria and Kinji playing the roles of Sherlock and Watson.

By defeating both of them she would surpass her ancestor since the original encounter ended in a draw. Riko appears to have feelings for Kinji, but these feelings may not be completely healthy because she constantly attempts to seduce Kinji - attempts which fail since Kinji is able to see through her machinations. Riko and Aria have several characteristics in common: they are short, both have earned Quadra status, both wear their hair in twin-tails, both are the third generation scions of famous ancestors, and lastly, both are romantically interested in Kinji.

She has no family name and is habitually taciturn, impassive and indifferent to fashion. Kinji later finds out that this, along with her hair color, is due to the influence of large quantities of RiriIrokane in her birthplace.

RiriIrokane is Azure Irokane and it bestows the ability to nullify other powers when the subject is in a state of calm. However, according to a Hotogi Historical Record it 'hates' human hearts and the princesses of the Ulus to whom Reki belongs revere RiriIrokane and offer their 'hearts' to it.

She's always seen wearing Sennheiser PMX headphones through which she apparently listens to the sound of wind from her homeland somewhere between Northern Mongolia and Siberia.

Her signature quotation is "I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore, it does not think.

It just flies straight towards its target", which she always say before she takes a shot. Her sniper skills are so high that she can shoot anything within a 2 km radius without missing her target.

In the middle of volume 3, Reki tames a wolf in a matter of 5 minutes, which she later names Haimaki, and trains to be a Butei dog. From then on, she lives together with Haimaki in her room in a girls' dormitory. Kinji has visited her room at least twice up to volume 6 of light novel and has noted how bare and simple it is. Reki also sleeps upright with the Dragunov in her hands, perhaps to prevent an ambush attack according to Kinji.

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On noting that Reki doesn't possess any clothing other than a number of school uniforms, and as a part of his Lima syndrome plan, Kinji downloads her a casual outfit as a present.

Reki cleans up nicely; in fact, Kinji was left speechless after witnessing her dressed-up appearance in volume 6. She plays a minor role in the series, usually providing covering fire for Aria and Kinji when they are fighting at close range or saving them during times of trouble.

At the end of volume 5, she holds Kinji at gunpoint on the rooftop of Butei High, kisses him and proposes marriage to him.

She also reveals that she already knows about the I-U and Hysteria Mode. Her ancestors are revealed to be Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Genghis Khan. The Ulu tribe she belongs to only gives birth to girls possibly due to a genetic flaw from being so insular. Since there are only 47 members of the tribe counting Reki there seems to be no need to provide a second name.

Wraiyf , it's a bugger that I couldn't find Vol. Though I really wish to see the fight of Tohyama brothers.

Hidan no Aria

Wraiyf , I understand your feeling but its licensed and it will be bad to translate it. I wish Baka-Tsuki kept translating : I hate waiting forever for novels : they better come out quickly! TarkTheTrinigon , At this point, I would rather have volumes 12 and higher spoiled for me. I cant wait for this stupid new licensed company to take over a year to even get to volume 10 Vezon , At this point, I would rather have volumes 12 and higher spoiled for me.

Hidan no Aria Manga Volume 15

I cant wait for this stupid new licensed company to take over a year to even get to volume 10 hmm to be honest I don't you're missing much. It seems this series is going in circles but also in very strange direction at the same time.

Looking at the spoils above. Even if there are spoilers shown. It looks like the series is still going strong. Look at the result of kono Even I was surprised and intrigue to read for more but the stupid license made it impossible.

I will probably download it but there has been no news of it. TarkTheTrinigon , tsunade The license owner translation company has not even released the second volume, but by what the reviews said, its a decent translation and definitely surpassing that of baka tsuki If they really wanted a good profit, they should just skip to volume 11, since all the baka tsuki translations are still floating around for TarkTheTrinigon , So I suppose summaries for light novels past 12 are out of the question, the Chinese translation even halted because the lack of interest.

I've been a great HnA fan but the author messed that all up. I would still love to get some spoilers though. And if this Yaoi loving publisher is taking forever to translate it. I also love HnA when its starting but it just goes all over the place. But I still like the interaction in between characters. They can't just skip volume.

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Because my bicycle was blown into pieces. She just switched schools in the 3rd semester. I've been a great HnA fan but the author messed that all up. And like a thief.

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