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Darjeeling Jomjomat (Comics) is a most popular (Famous) book of Satyajit Ray. Darjeeling Jomjomat (Comics) is waiting to be download!!! Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Darjeeling Jomjomat (Comics) Feluda Somogro Robertsoner Ruby (Comics) is a most popular (Famous) book of Satyajit Ray. Robertsoner Ruby (Comics) is waiting to be download!!! Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Robertsoner Ruby (Comics) is Feluda Somogro- 2. Ebar Kando Kedarnathe (Comics) is a most popular (Famous) book of Ebar Kando Kedarnathe (Comics) is waiting to be download!!! Document Format ( PDF) file size of Ebar Kando Kedarnathe (Comics) is MB. Feluda Somogro

In the film adaptation of Sonar Kella, Topshe's mother shows her concern regarding his career and study as he spends a lots of time in case solving with Feluda. By the time of Kailashe Kelenkari the eighth book of the series he have had his secondary examination 'Madhyamik Pariksha'. Just like Feluda, Topshe also used to read lot of books to enhance his knowledge.

Topshe often gets his lessons from Feluda himself. In many cases, Feluda tests his deductive knowledge and he usually passes the test satisfactorily.


In the movie Sonar Kella Topshe's father aptly said that Topshe is a lucky boy who got Feluda as his mentor. Topshe is fond of 'Adventures of Tintin' comic series. In the book Kailashe Kelenkari, he is found reading 'Tintin in Tibet'. Topshe always takes an active part in Feluda's adventure. To mention a few, he and Jatayu a.

Lalmohan Ganguly sneaks into a warehouse in 'Patan' Nepal to discover vast collection of smuggled narcotics book Jato Kando Kathmandute ; finds out the stabbed body of a missing man in the woods book Darjeeling Jomjomat ; replaces the pink pearl with a fake for safe-keeping book Golapi Mukta Rahasya. The last incident impressed Feluda as well. However, all these activities mainly comes in the latter part of the series.

He also interrogated the suspects in Apsara Theaterer Mamla when Feluda was sick and bed-ridden. Feluda solved the case just from the report of that interrogation. Lalmohan Ganguli or Jatayu[ edit ] Main article: Jatayu Lalmohan Ganguly Lalmohan Ganguli is a close friend of Prodosh Chandra Mitra, and is described as the author of a series of Bengali crime thrillers written under the pseudonym 'Jatayu'.

Though all his novels seem to have become best-sellers, he often tends to make extremely silly mistakes such as spelling igloos as 'ilgoos'.

He sometimes serves as a perfect foil to the group and in Ray's own words provides 'dollops of humour', although he sometimes does some brave acts not expected of him. He owns a 'Madrasi green' Ambassador car.

Jatayu makes his first appearance in Sonar Kella joining Feluda and Topshe in the train at Kanpur , on their way to Jodhpur. In the first two films on Feluda, which were directed by Ray himself, the character was played by Santosh Dutta , and after the first one, Ray modified the literary character to some extent, making him look and behave quite like Dutta himself. Jatayu also has a fantasy of collecting weapons.

In various books he carried weapons like 'kukri' Nepali knife , and smoke bomb. Jatayu lives at Garpar in Kolkata, and it may be recalled that Satyajit Ray himself passed his childhood at , Garpar. He is a bibliophile , and has an extensive base of general knowledge, current and historical affairs. He is a close friend of Feluda's father, being former neighbours in their ancestral village in Bangladesh. Feluda's jyatha that is, uncle is said to have a 'photographic memory', and is a vast source of information which comes in handy when Feluda is in need of some.

His vast knowledge comes from his collection of varied kinds of newspaper clippings which he has accumulated over the years. Following recent Feluda films made by Sandip Ray, Satyajit Ray's son, there have been questions over Sidhu Jyatha's continued relevance in the stories considering technologies such as the internet offer a faster, wider and more effective knowledge base than a well-read person.

He is a loyal, intelligent and reliable person and is of great help when needed. He played a crucial role in Gorosthaney Sabhdhan where he saved the lives of Feluda, Jatayu, and Topshe.

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He also has a minor role in Boshpukery Khunkharapi, where he takes part in a surveillance mission with the rest of Feluda's gang in disguise playing 29 cardgame. He has been compared to Professor Moriarty of the Sherlock Holmes series.

After him Mohan Agashe played this character two times in telefilms.

Maganlal lives in Benaras. He has a house in Joka, Kolkata also. His son's name is Surajlal Meghraj.


He is officially a money-lender but is involved in smuggling artifacts, narcotics through Indo-Nepal border and jewellery. His Kolkata house had been raided once but he escaped any charges until Feluda caught him red-handed in smuggling an invaluable Ganesh Murti an idol of the elephant god during the case of Joi Baba Felunath.


However, he was not behind bars for a long time. In the nineteenth book, Jato Kando Kathmandute, Feluda said that he was not at all surprised seeing Meghraj out of jail as that was nothing for such an influential person. Once again he was arrested in charge of murder and smuggling, yet he averted any long term punishment and we saw him once again in the thirty-first story, Golapi Mukta Rahasya. Maganlal is a good judge of human character.

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He also has a special interest in humiliating Jatayu. In Joi Baba Felunath he made Jatayu the subject of a knife-throwing play. In Jato Kando Kathmandute, he purposefully slips an L.

D cube in Jatayu's tea.

In his third appearance, he made Jatayu to sing a Tagore song which Jatayu said his first time experience of singing a song. Surprising it may be, he shows a queer fondness to Jatayu and usually calls him as 'Uncle'. During these three stories, we see many accomplices of Maganlal. Dibakar and Manohar.

Maganlaal has his own Bajra by which he travels in Ganga near Benaras. The door of his house in Benaras is painted with figures of two swordsmen.

During the making of the movie, Joi Baba Felunath , this swordsmen were painted by Satyajit Ray himself. His original home in Kolkata is in the neighbourhood of Lalmohonbabu's in northern Kolkata's Garpar.

Being able to write creatively is something not all of us are capable of. Count yourself blessed because you have a talent.

Getting into the mood in writing does not have a set of rules to follow.

Very nice Comics. RSS Feed Twitter. Powered by Blogger. Mitter is a imagined protagonist of a series of officer novels and short stories by the eminent Indian filmmaker,Bengali author Satyajit Ray wrote.

Feluda had named his first form in a Bengali magazine for children Sandesh in His first exploit was forever Feludar Goendagiri.

Feluda Topshe accompanied by his cousin and stories later, a trendy writer Jatayu power Lalmohon Ganguli. Feluda was filmed at unlike times, the quality of Soumitra Chatterjee and Sabyasachi Chakraborty was played. Here I found some of feluda's comic which download link are agreed lower,. Email This BlogThis! Older Post Home. Small Programmers 20 May at Blogger Expert 21 May at Malik Hasan 11 June at Be the first to review this item site Bestsellers Rank: He also has a special interest in humiliating Jatayu.

For starters, Feluda is the pet name for Prodosh Chandra Mitra, a fictional private detective, always accompanied by his younger cousin Topesh, the Watson to his Sherlock. Jahagirere Sornomudra.

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The last incident impressed Feluda as well. The Complete Adventures of Feluda Vol. He also interrogated the suspects in Apsara Theaterer Mamla when Feluda was sick and bed-ridden. Gangtoke Gondogol. For any further inquiry email me. Posted by Unknown at

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