More than , businesses use FlippingBook Your PDF transforms into an HTML5 flipbook with videos, interactive And we found FlippingBook.”. FlippingBook Publisher Editions. FlippingBook Publisher is desktop software for Windows. You can get a Automatic PDF conversion for heavy document load. The Webstunning Flipping Book PDF Publisher allows easily add Flipping Book on your website or create CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disk with stunning presentation.

Flippingbook Pdf Publisher

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Flipping book publisher free download, create customized page flipping Give life to your PDF publications by creating interactive page flipping publications. Free Flipping Book Publisher - freeware. Flip PDF Price: $0. Page Flipping and Flash page flip technology software. % freeware to create electronic flash. The Flipping Book PDF Publisher allows easily add Flipping Book on your website or create CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disk with stunning presentation.

With ecommerce feature, you can create interactive rich-media catalogs, brochures and flyers with integrated shopping carts. It is also possible to add ecommerce element in Page Editor.

To immerse your audience, you should try best to engage them with your contents.

Flip PDF Professional gives you the ability to engage customers with the creative features. It is possible to search certain content in the flipping book, add bookmarks, view thumbnails and share flipping publications on social networks.

Mobile optimized reading experience It may be wise to rethink your content marketing plan of designing mobile page flipping publications.

Create powerful documents

As people spend more time in mobile reading and shopping, the mobile ecommerce publications are bound to bring your more sales. User friendly interface. Modern skin with rounded corners, nice icons. Keyboard control All frequently used actions with the flip book can be done with keyboard only. Enter - Zoom.

Meet your needs Our goal is to make the best product, corresponding with the needs of our customers. Navigating documents Published flip book provides user-friendly controls to navigate through PDF documents.

You can navigate in PDF documents by using navigational tools: Easy to use Get flip book in few mouse clicks.

Page flip effect for desktop browsers High-quality animation that drives engagement and attention to your document. Self-hosting Host documents on your own servers or Intranet.

No limits. Cloud hosting Reliable site hosting for your online documents.

Links detection Our service detects all the links to websites, files and emails in your original PDF and transfers them into the flipbook.

Bookmarks detection Any bookmarks from your PDF will be transformed into a helpful interactive Table of Contents in the final document. Vector texts detection If your PDFs contain vector texts, they will be extracted to preserve the original text quality for large screens. Fonts detection Custom fonts are extracted from the PDF, so that texts in the final flipbook looked exactly like those in the original file.

How to make a flipbook

YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos embedding Add a video anywhere on the page to make your content even more engaging. Popup images embedding Make any image in your flipbook enlarge on click.

The high-res image will open in a popup. Adding custom links Create clickable areas anywhere on the page.

Adding custom audio files Enrich your content with custom background mp3 files, for the whole document or a specific page. Table of contents Add an interactive table of contents next to your document for easy navigation around the content.

FlippingBook Publisher

Text search Powerful text search for easy navigation through documents of any length. Share Share your documents via email or social networks and by embedding into your website and Facebook. Print Your readers can print out the whole document, a specific page or a number of selected pages.

Notes Add a note to any place on a publication page. For publication readers only.

Boxoft Flipping Book Publisher for Mac

Slideshow An auto mode with page sliding effect for presentations. Direct link A direct web link to your online document that works in all browsers.

Direct link to each page Share the info your customers need by sending them the link to the specific page with that info, not the whole document.License for 3. Everything you need to feel comfortable with the published document. The integration with Google Analytics helps you monitor your readers' behavior when they work with your digital magazine.

With this software you can make flip book from any document type. Command line conversion The easy and fast way to automate the PDF to flipbook conversion. YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos embedding Add a video anywhere on the page to make your content even more engaging.

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